Monday, October 27, 2008

What Went Wrong With: Macbook Pro 2008


haha... seriously lots of things
dont get me wrong, its a great product. Its just not what I expected. 
So, whats the problem. Here you go...

Before we end up with a list, let me show you what I thought about Mac OS X market. Some of you might think OS X market is too small compared to Microsoft's OS. Indeed it is. According to an article in arstechnica, OS X market share is up to 8% until the article is launched. Great but still not that significant. Apple OS X, at least according to me, is a great OS. Vista is a great one too but somehow, I missed a few things when I try to switch back to vista. Somehow, OS X is more comfortable and more user friendly. And I did not have this kind of trouble when switching to OS X from Win. But the problem is, OS X is closed to PC hardware vendor. This make it hard to gain a market share against Win. In order to get OS X, people have to buy the hardware from apple which is priced like hell to your pocket. 

So why does this really matter to our topic. Well, as I told you, it was a great product. But what I really expect from the new MBP line is the new price tag. This is the very first disappointment: pricetag. I understand the MBP is a maestro but gaining market share is not all about good product. Some people who really want to play game wont buy a $2K MBP. With that number, they can get a way better machine from Dell, HP, or even Alienware. And if it is not for gaming, then why should you put 2 (non SLI, comin up later >:) ) VGA in it? 

The second one is the 2 SLI-wannabe-VGA. So here's the shortcut: 2 VGA: 1 Onboard, 1 stand alone; 2 OS mode:1 with onboard VGA, 1 with stand alone VGA. The problem with this concept is very simple: it cant switch the mode itself, and worse you cant even switch the mode while still logged in. Reviews from many articles claim that you have to at lease log out to switch to the other mode.  Thats pretty annoying. Imagine when you are playing a game, and then in one scene the fps(frame per second) changed into spf(second per frame). Do you want me to log out first to change the mode? That just.... idiot.

And last but not least: the death of matte display. My old MBP(very first gen) is a matte one. Then I envy people with glossy screen then I chose to add a plastic layer on the screen which cost me USD 25, and I regret that option. Its like a mirror to lights around you. You can even see people face bounced from the monitor when you watch movie. Its very annoying. And guess what: its the only option for screen in the new macbook pro... yeah!

Of course the list does not stop here. There are lots of things to complain *cough...firewire...cough* about the new toys from Lord Jobso so stay tune for my other entry.

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