Saturday, November 8, 2008

G24 short review

Just got my brand new G24. nice ^^
The installation is a piece of cake (less then 10 minutes), slots are easily found, and it got a 9/10 ergonomically.
Then I turn it on, connect to my MBP and well.... it is nice, but I can not find the quality of matte color like the one on my mbp. Everything looks a little bit cartoony. Have tried to configure but still a little bit awkward for me. Maybe its just the setting.

I havent try it for gaming and stuff (and yes I will) but until now the overall got 9.0/10

what went right: easy installation, lots of slots, design is extremely nice(subjective), easy rotation

what went wrong: button is a little bit awkward, menu is not that comfortable to surf

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