Friday, May 8, 2009

Computer: Mozilla/Opera vs Microsoft

News about Mozilla and Opera protests against Microsoft is nothing new. They expect Microsoft not to bundle Internet Explorer(IE) in Windows package. Although I am too against monopoly, its just hard for me to imagine how if an Operating System shipped without a browser. In my very simple mind(please correct me if I'm wrong), the 'only' easy way to get a browser is to download the installer via internet. Now how exactly are we going to do that if the OS is not bundled with browser? 

If they wish microsoft to offer other browser in their OS package, that would be very unreasonable movement. And also, I think people are not that stupid to know which browser they want to use. The browser market share is shaping up. All mozilla and opera has to do is to get closer to the user eg: promotion?

But again, just my two cents ;)

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