Thursday, May 14, 2009

Game: Why the noise on Ghostbuster Exclusive

Ghostbuster: The Game from Atari was announced to be time exclusive in PAL territory (Europe). Good move by Sony since Europe is the real battlefield between 360 and Playstation. The game however, from trailers I've seen, is not gonna be that 'awesome' or 'phenomenal'. But Ghostbuster fans is ridiculously huge in number, so it might sold well. 

What bothered me the most is this exclusivity announcement is considered a big deal by media. Bad words are said everywhere concerning this exclusivity. Phill Harisson, the former SCEA CEO and current Atari CEO is the victim in this case. The are words, bad words, about how Sony playing tricks to make this happen. Something that you don't see when Lost and Damned is announced to be 360 exclusive, when Fallout 3 DLCs will be 360 exclusive, when Destroy All Human isn't going to be available in US Playstation regions, when Splinter Cell Conviction wont be available at PS3, and so much more. 

What happened to the media that cursing fanboys for being stupid? What happened to neutrality? They are cursing when people saying bias but there are moments when it really happen. Its kinda weird how things working out now huh...


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