Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Game Concept Development: An Intro Movie

In 2008, I have a class Game Development Concept. The idea is to make a concept for a game, from story to gameplay. We make a concept called "The Search for The Hammerhead" and come up with a movie and some pictures of character concept.

You can see the movie here (movie might not be accessible from some country due to copyright from the owner).
Credits to Ammar (Character Drawing, Concepts, Voices, Storyline), Carlo (Character 3D, Compositing), Riyasat (Terrain). My role is mostly in Sound/Music Editing, Movie Editing, Voices, and Image Editing.

List of Software we use in the creation of the movie and pictures:
Character Creation: World of Warcraft Character Editor
Terrain Creation: CryEngine
Movie Editing: Premiere Pro
Music Editing: Adobe Audition
Image Editing: Photoshop

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