Friday, December 11, 2009

SFX: Houdini Tutorial

So in my last year of studying at my master degree, I took this SFX Course, or usually called Special Effects Tips and Tricks. It was total fun to have an experienced SFX person teaching in the class, knowing tips and tricks in real SFX industry, end much more. I also had a Houdini Tutorial, not from the artist point of view, but from programmer point of view. I was skeptical with houdini before I took this course but now I am considering to replace my PC just to play with this one.

This is the first video for the first tutorial. The task is to create a particle attractor, combined with some query and variables. So as you can see the video, the particle is not manually moved to the destination. We set the source here, the destination there, and voila. Its amazing :)

The second one is more like a physic contest. We make a pyramid and throw some balls to it. Nothing that fancy. Whats amazing is the whole scene is created using phyton, without accessing GUI at all. The point of this lab is to teach us the basic of phyton in Houdini.

I am a Maya user but I think I am considering to move to Houdini. Although the Modeling tools is not work as good as Maya, but the node concept is super awesome. It is easy to understand what happened on the screen, and, one of my favorite way to do things, to do trial and error by changing values a lot. Something that I dying to see in Maya.

Credits to my teammates, Kostas and Stefan.

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