Saturday, February 27, 2010

Game Review: Modern Warfare 2

It is one of the best selling game in 2009. Not much game can reach 6 million in the first week. But is it any good? The first one is awesome. The story is phenomenal, and the multiplayer, although I did not experience that much, is good.

Story: It is interesting at the beginning: Russian terrorist try to heat the Russian and US by terrorizing the an airport in Russia. One thing led to another, the Russian invade US. It is very exciting how they heat up the plot at the beginning, but in the middle to the end, Im not quite sure what happened. I've played it twice, google here and there, still I don't get it. I wont spoil it to you, but I am really confuse what happened. And the campaign, its short too. Probably because its a fast paced game. I finished this one in a week less and I play about 2 hours max a day. And yes... I died a lot!

Gameplay: There is a quote in the wild: Modern Shooter is a no country for old man. I guess this one is one of them. I was good at Killzone 2. But this one, its just hard for me to get used to the controller. Yet some people manage to master this game so I would say its preference. The feature in the multiplayer is just awesome. There are tons of things you have to unlock, something that Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 dont have. You have to unlock weapons, attachments, killstreak, deathstreak, emblem, etc. I also like how the grant players with killstreak or special kill like revenge or defending position. Thumbs up for Infinity Ward!

Graphic: Is it good? yes. Is it phenomenal? No! I must say Infinity Ward did a good job try to trick the graphic. Textures play lots of role in here. You might notice some details here and there and impressed by it. But if you pay a lot of attention, you will notice how they do that. Im not saying its a bad thing, its just not that awesome like Uncharted 2 or Killzone 2. But Still, very very impressive.

This is by far the best FPS ever. Though Im not quite sure I'll be as hype as Killzone 2. Infinity Wards definitely know how to polish their games. Killstreak rewards such as Harrier and Choppers give a great experience.

What Went Right: Excelent multiplayer, Good story, Good Graphic. Polished
What Went Wrong: Story is confusing, might not appeal to old school fps.

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