Saturday, August 7, 2010

Move & Kinect: Predicting the Future!

This is the second part of my article about Move and Kinect. You can find the first part here.

Before I started the article, I must warn you that I'm a Playstation 3 user (not fanboys) and a hardcore gamer. I had a great time with Wii back then, but then I picked Playstation 3 to satisfy my testosterone needs :D I'll try to keep my writing unbiased.

Before you read this article, its better if you watch Microsoft and Sony presentation at E3 2010 to give you a quick look how Kinect and Move work. Now lets start with Microsoft. What Sony and MS learns from Nintendo is, instead of Motion Controller works, the money of game industry not just from the loyal hardcore gamers, but also from casual gamer that play games only to 'have fun'. Wii sales like cakes, everybody knows that. But what everybody seems to forget is Wii Sport, Wii Play, Wii Sport Resort are also sells like cakes. And its not like those games sell good for a month or two only, they are the top of the most sold games constantly most of the weeks for over a 2 years. While Modern Warfare 2 hit the 10 Millions mark, Wii Sport reached the 40 Millions mark. The last game reach that point is the first Mario Games back in 1988. And at that time, not much competition around. Microsoft aware of these phenomenon. In fact their intention for Kinect is 'dedicated' to this casual gamer. If you see the presentation, you'll notice that all Kinect games is typical party game. There is no shooter in it.

Dance Centra, the Yoga thing, Kinectimals, all are typical casual gaming. Even the sport game is a lightweight sport with less precision required. Personally, the only Kinect presentation that made me grin is a Dance Central. Thats the only thing that I really want yet hard to get with other console. Microsoft promised there will be a Kinect equipped hardcore games, but I wouldn't put my bet on it, because I understand how the technology works and its hard to imagine what may come to the hardcore gamers.

Move on the other hand is typically a Wii-perfection. Although Wii came up with mostly casual game, there are some hardcore game here and there that make you wish Wii came up with better graphic. Conduit, No More Heroes, Madworld, and Dead Space Extraction are to name a few. Sony understand this and they try to reach Wii's market share by giving user Wii in HD. But the problem is no matter how good Wii Motion Controller scheme is, its not perfect. Sony perfected it by going to other technology. Now if you see the presentation, you'll notice that Sony's party game is more a precision based gaming than a fun-and-reckless game. Table tennis, Archery, Gladiator, all are games that require concentration and focus, even if its more fun than sitting in a couch pushing buttons. There are other third party that came up with a fun scheme to use Move, but its a little bit hard to digest. And the fact that SOCOM 4 is the best part of the presentation shows that Sony's still focusing on hardcore gamer.

Now who will win the Battle? Its really hard to tell. Microsoft gives a brand new gameplay scheme that people are not familiar with. Some public exhibition shows how Kinect does not perform as presented (Google it, you'll find many). However, the concept is great, and the marketing is even better (they hired Justin effin Beiber). PS Move give something that we already aware of, understand how to play, but bring it to the whole new level. It seems like they believe in the term "if its not broken, dont fix it". Personally, PS Move is a must-chose bargain to me. Dont get me wrong, I like the idea behind Kinect. But I'm more into a couch person, and to make it worse, I dont even have a 6 feet space in my room. Yes, 6 feet is a must for Kinect. There is no point of telling whos going to win the match. You'll find it out this Christmas.

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