Monday, August 30, 2010

R.I.P: ATI and what does it mean?

Its official: AMD will kill the ATI brand. So in the future there will be no more ATI Radeon, just AMD Radeon. Now why would they do that? It only makes people confuse to differ CPU and GPU Product. If both are branded with AMD logo, what is the fine line for naming between CPU and GPU. Imagine this: AMD Phenom, AMD Turion, AMD Radeon, AMD Crossfire. There's nothing draw the line between CPU and GPU product. Do they really have to kill the brand? What is their intention?

Although this matter seems not to be that significant, I guess this got something to do with their future lineup. As most of you probably know, AMD is currently campaigning their GPU-CPU hybrid unit (or as they call it, APU) (code)named Fusion. As far as my thought goes, this technology will merge CPU and GPU and put it in one single processor. Dont ask me how it works, but if this thing works, it will end the GPU-CPU war.

There are no (official) deadline yet, but words around the target is Q4 2011. But even it still a year away, I think AMD should've campaign its intention. And yes, killing the ATI brand, merging the AMD brand as a GPU, is one of the best campaign to state their intention. Good luck, AMD.

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