Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Killzone 2: How to fix the game and make it a perfect game

Killzone 2 no doubt is the longest game I've played. And I have lots of games, around 20 and still counting! I've finished the single player 3 times, and have a 122 hours of multiplayer. Considering my working hours and the time I spend to play games daily, thats a lot of time. But the experience not always good for me while playing it. Killzone 2 has a serious problem that although not that significant, it might annoy you much. Here are some that I notice:

1. Too many narrow path and tight corner.
Killzone 2 has a heavy type of control schema. But its not the only game with it. The recently release BFBC 2 also has that kind of control. But the difference between BFBC 2 and Killzone 2 is, BFBC 2 has a wide open space. With a heavy weight control schema, player is encouraged to aim by moving the whole character to the left, not just standing and aiming the cursor. This of course not possible if you have a narrow path.
2. I wish I was Helghan effect
Killzone 2 marketing icon is the Helghast. Its not like its bad, but it makes the protagonist a little bit anonymous. Halo got its master chief, Gears of War got Marcus and his armor,  God of War got Kratos, and the list goes on. Sometimes, you have to introduce the good guy so player can proudly use it as their character. Even at the end of the game, Sev cs are still anonymous to the Helghast. The enemy should notice their existence, so the player may have the feeling of special treatment from the enemy. This might change the value of the character a lot. Now since the Helghast value overwhelmed the protagonist, everyone put their focus on the helghast instead of Sevchenko and his teammate.

3. Multiplayer Scoring policy
There are many important things that can change the way of the battle. One of them is Spawn Point. Its so important that it may define winning and losing (and avoid enemy to lock you down at your base). The problem is no reward in doing it. There are nothing encourage player to pick tactician and make spawn points, although its very important. Gamers are mostly selfish, especially when they dont have a clan. There are some other few things also that needs reward such as healing, repairing, etc. They should've consider giving lots of rewards for doing even the smallest thing, like in Modern Warfare 2, you can get point when absorbing damage while other player attacking the opponents.
Tactician, so important yet so rewardless
4. Spawn Point and Lock Down
Killzone 2 default spawn point is fixed for both team. Not like other shooter game where the spawn point is dynamically changes due to enemy position. This makes locking down enemy at their base occurs very often. The other team create a spawn point and the exit and the whole game the other team will try to get out of the base. Apparently the newer DLC map able to avoid this, either by making 2 default spawn point, or the base is created so well that if a team is locked down, it's easy to wipe out the exit path.

5. Not all map is for 16v16
Maps like Blood Gratch or Radec Academy is ridiculously small but still people use it for 16v16 match. It makes player die more and more, and the respawn time is longer than the living time. There should be some restriction for the map to avoid such thing.

There you go, 5 things that can make Killzone become the perfect

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