Monday, October 25, 2010

Open Standard Closed Platform Part 2: The Misperception

As I already explained in part 1, I am able to justify Apple's movement to an Open Standard Closed Platform. But there are some people who disagree with me, who thinks that Microsoft is the real winner as an Open Platform OS. Well, as wrong as those interpretation is, I would like to show you that even Microsoft is backing up Closed Platform. Before you go through the article, please note I'm nowhere against Microsoft and its Windows Phone 7 products. I think its brilliant that Microsoft step up and challenge the critiques to Microsoft Mobile Division after their Dead on Arrival Microsoft Kin. 

First let me get this straight: OS X, like Windows is an Open Platform. You can install any program that you made on it. Anything? Yes! Even a virus. Heck the Apple got no virus myth is a lie. There you go, you got it from me! So for the people who think OS X is a closed platform, THINK AGAIN!

Now lets go to part two: The Closed platform idea. Yes you cant sell your own iPod/iPhone/iPad apps, but hey, you cant also sell your own PS3 apps, or Wii apps, or XBox 360 apps, or... wait for it... Windows Phone 7 Apps. Yes, to make a program in Windows Phone 7 you have to apply a development program, pay an amount of money, make a program that heavily use a closed source Silverlight. And yes, they havent support flash (they did say it will come soon enough, but Apple has open mercy at Adobe, so probably it will launch on iGadgets too). After you made your program, you have to apply it to Windows Market Share, get censored, and can only be sold at Microsoft Market Share. Now where in Gods name I've heard this before? Ah.. yes, the Apple Store! So basically its two of a kind huh? Yes exactly, its two of a kind. 
Silverlight, xna, Visual Studio: Which one is 'Open'?
Now the question is why does Microsoft, the company that cursed Apple closed platform policy a few years ago, implement the very same business type? Because its profitable, effective, and give them 'full' control of application distribution. Now is it a bad thing? Well not really. As a consumer, you want your phone to be virus free and have a properly working program. As good as PCs application development, its hard to filter which one is working, which one is not. Hence the virus spread has been plaguing over years.  Imagine those things happens to your phone! Not acceptable, right?  Microsoft know this so they implement the Closed Platform market on Windows Phone 7. Unfortunately for Apple, they were 'among the first' to implement and preach about closed platform. So they had the curses and the hatred from 'left wing idealist geek'. 
Microsoft made this still you think they'll support adobe for long?
So there you go, Apple Hater. If you hate Apple's policy due to its Closed Platform style, Think Again! Do you really on the right path on the road. Apple does not allow flash since Adobe does not allow them to see what happened inside the engine. And flash has been a terrible option for Apple. I'm an Apple user and I know how sucks Flash under OS X. Personally, I think its Adobe not concentrating hard enough on Apples platform. Well make sense, if I made a product, I'll focus more on 90% or my market share than the other 10%. Now that the smart mobile market share has favored Apple, its a good chance they will focus more on Apples platform. Until then, I'll be on Apples side with their Open Standard Policy. Again I'm not bashing Microsoft. I think Windows Phone 7 is beautiful. I think it will hit Apple so hard. I'm just saying that if you really hate Apple's closed policy, comparing it to Microsoft will make you like an idiot. At least that what I thought. 

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