Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Playstation Move: And how Sony can win the Hardcore Gamers

Playstation Move has launched in Europe and America. As a hardcore gamer, its a blessing for me to have it. But currently Im stuck between two (if not three) country so maybe I'll get it later when I'm settled. But what come into my surprise is how 'flat' the Move sales is. The first week (or 10 days) it 'only' sold 300,000 around the world. Its not that bad considering the line up is not yet crazy enough. But its just disappointing how Sony failed to raise the hype considering the victory they can get from Move. So why do I think this controller is important? Here is my reason.

There are three big player in home console market: Wii, PS3, and XBox 360. Wii is still holding the crow for Party games but their third party hardcore game is mostly plummet. The hardcore game market is the real war between PS3 and XBox 360. Now in this market, despite of the quality, 360 is in the upper hand. Most multiplatform titles sold more on the 360. Now with the introduction of Move controller, Sony has a chance to change the controller schema. Move works differently compared to standard gamepad, and it change the gameplay a lot. For better or worse, it can define a new kind of gaming culture. But Sony is not alone in this war. Wii has the same controller schema compared to Move. This is not just an upper hand for Sony, but also for Nintendo. One of the biggest complaint of Nintendo hardcore games is the unusual controller schema. Now with the introduction of Move, Nintendo has an ally. Probably the next Conduit will be a multiplatform title *crossing hand*.

If this is work as I mentioned above, standard controller will lose their ground. A huge advantage for Sony of course, since it took Microsoft at least a few years before they can do the same controlling schema without called as a copycat. Of course this can only happen if Move can raise its hype. The biggest Move enabled title that teased me a lot is Killzone 3. I'm looking forward to play that game with Move controller. It might be a total fun. In the future, I hope Sony can come up with more hardcore title. Socom 4 looks promising (although graphically kinda disappointing). For those of you who blessed enough to get MAG, here is a very informative and useful tutorial to start MAG-ing with Move controller

Note that this video is originally from iWagger3D website. Credit to the original author.

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