Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Decade of World in Numbers

2006 The year that the spam problem were supposed to be solved, as predicted by Bill Gates. 107 Trillion emails were sent in 2010 alone.

2 The amount of words that George Tenet described as "the dumbest word I ever said". Those words were "Slam Dunk!" when he was asked about the evidence proving Iraq's possesion of weapons of mass destruction.

2.1 Million sq Km. The amount of ice cap dissapeared on the Arctic sea from 7.0 Million sq Km in 2000 to 4.9 Million sq Km in 2010.

2003 Iraq invasion begin. 7 coalition forces including US, UK, Australia and Poland sent their troops to Iraq. It took them 21 days to reach Baghdad and marked it as a mission accomplished. Until 2009, approximately 109,000 deaths occured, mostly civilian. 

2001 The year when Shrek reached the cinema for the first time. It became the icon of Dreamworks animation division since it was a money magnet at its time. After 4 movies, the franchise still grab cash as it used to be. It also become the most milked cartoon franchise this decade.It is a 60 Million USD budget movie that able to get 400 Million USD Gross Revenue, and reach the top 4 of highest grossing movie in 2001 behind Harry Potter, Lord of The Ring, and Pixar's Monster Inc.,

10 countries already legalized the same sex marriage, including the recently announced Argentina, the first South America to legalize gay marriage. In 2000, no country allow same sex marriage.

693 Billion USD. The amount of budget spent by US Military. Its more than double the amount in 2001 during the Afghanistan invasion. Its approximately one third of all African (population 1 Billion) GDP combined.

103 Bentley sold in Russia. In 2000, no Bentley were sold. Driven by new oil findings, Russia's economy has grown stronger.

420 Million The amount of internet users in China. In spite of cencorship, it became one of the most connected country, compared to 20 Million users at 2000.

6.9 Billion Earth population in 2010. In 2000, it was 6.1 Billion.

1011 Billionaires in 2010, compared to 306 in 2000

26 The age of Bram Cohen when he wrote a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol called BitTorrent. Now it is one of the standard for distributing large data over the internet.

500 Million The Approximate amount of facebook user, compared to 1 Million users in 2001. It is now become the largest social networking service. So big that it 'killed' the long standing champions Myspace and Friendster.

19.6 Billion USD The amount of game sales. It tripled the number 6.6 Billion USD at 2001. With the mobile and social gaming emerged, this trend predicted to maintain it course to reach the 'recently found' casual gamers.

52.3 Million The amount of iPod sold until 2010. It was announced in 2002 and it 'pioneered' the portable MP3 player. Before iPod emerged, the size of MP3 player was as huge as a lunchbox. The first iPod introduced by Apple has a 5 Gb storage (and 10 Gb released later).  Although some tried to grab the crown of portable MP3 player, iPod is still the most sold even thanks to the help of iTunes Store.Currently there are 4 kinds of iPod model available on the market: Shuffle, Nano, Classic and Touch.

 2002 The official year when Euro money took over Francs, Guilders, Marks, Lire, Pasetas, Drachmas, Markkas, and Escudos. It became the official Euro members money since January 1st.

63.4 Billion USD Apple income in Fiscal Year End 2010. It beats Microsoft's 2010 FYE at 62.4 Billion USD. This was mainly driven by iPhone 4 hysteria, a phone that has been plagued by the antenna-gate, but still sold more than predicted.

34 The age of Concorde, a supersonic commercial jet plane built by British and France company and launched in 1969. It was retired in 2003, but it is still the fastest supersonic commercial jet plane. It could reach 2.3 Mach (Approximately 2,100 Km/h), almost as fast as F-22 Raptor, an American Stealth Fighters.

74 Million The amount of Wii Sport since it launch in November 2006 until the end of 2010. It became the best selling game of all time, beating Super Mario Bros at 40 Million copies. 

5.6 Million Call of Duty: Black Ops copies sold in 1 week. Equal to 360 Million USD, It is the fastest money making in entertainment industry. Until now, it's sold approximately 20 Million copies on PC, PS3, Wii, and XBox 360.

4.5 The average percentage of GDP growth since Susilo Bambang Yudoyhono took the government. The tendency grew upward although it does not perform that well in 2010. Recent World Bank report in 2010 mentioned that Indonesia's economy is outstanding, able to maintain it's tendency to grow despite of the global economic crisis.

mostly taken from Time Magazine: Special Timeframe Issue, vgchartz, and Wikipedia. Few Additions were made by writers.

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