Friday, April 8, 2011

Archived: Most irresponsible statement to (gaming) nerd (and its counter)

Most people have problems with this kind of nerds. They sometimes underestimates the existence of nerds and just making a totally wrong statements about gaming nerds. Here are a few statements that are just false and how to counter it. feel free to add.

1. "they spend all day and night in front of their computer/console playing game"
Fact: totally wrong. nerds are human. We need to go to toilet, have a proper sleep, and have our meal (although most of us choose to have meal in front of computer)

2. "they dont have social interaction"
Fact: Facebook? myspace? ever heard of them?

3. "they spend all day and night playing world of warcraft"
Fact: TOTALLY FALSE. World of Warcraft only holds about 50% of MMORPG market share. thats mean some of us might play other game like warhammer, age of connan, etc. You even havent count console gamers and non-online pc gamers and....

4. "i dont wanna date a game-nerds"
Fact: thats your problem

5. "i dont wanna have a game-nerds as a boyfriend"
Fact: thats your problem too.

6. "they wont get a girlfriend"
Fact: thats yo... umm... okay that one is ours.

7. "I dont like to have a conversation with them"
Fact: as long as you dont mock my console, i wont have a problem to start a conversation. So, did you see the new Resident Evil trailer.. whoa man...

8. "they are the lowest level of the society"
Fact: Not true. Useless citizen without gaming is considered to be lower than us.

9. "They never get out of their room"
Fact: Should we?

10. "Cmon man, get a LIFE"
Fact: Sure, Great. where can i download it?

Archived is an old post that I posted somewhere. I put it here for a nostalgic moment ;)

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