Tuesday, April 19, 2011

M.Y.O.G.E: Make Your Own Game Engine, Part Uno!

Well, finally I have time to develop my own game engine. It's a 2D game engine, but I chose to use 3D vectors for each position/measurement just in case I can develop it to 3D (crossing fingers). Here is the first milestone:

- fully operational game manager (update drawing, collision detection, control input),
- triangle based collision detection, currently using 2D triangles,
- basic enemy AI such as targeting, closest target, locking enemy
- Multipass rendering, still working on post processing effect.

Some technical details on the specification:

- using OpenGL and GLUT
- Built with Xcode, ran under OSX
- Text based level, like the one on Total War Series

Next Update:
- Post processing effect
- Define more Enemy and AI
- Define more level
- Basic Artwork

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