Sunday, June 5, 2011

060611: Geek Day 2011

June 6th 2011 is probably the most geek-fest in 2011, well at least according to me. There are two main occasion occurred on this day: E3 and WWDC. While Nintendo will have their conference on the 7th, we still count those as the 6th. This is my most awaited announcement for tomorrow:

1. Nintendo's Project Cafe
The rumored specification is beyond believe: 4 Core 3.5Ghz, 512 XDR2 and 1024 GDDR5, AMD RV770, and the best of all, Blu-ray reader (wohooo!!!). I'm not sure what Nintendo will bring us tomorrow but I'm sure they'll have another trick on their 'invention' sleeve. 

2. Anything related to Kinect
No doubt that Kinect is one of the best hardware invention of all time. Even as a Sony's fanboy ;) I'm impressed how kinect is actually works and the supporting software is actually fun. But compared to what MS promised us at E3 2009, its far from done. I'm really looking forward to what they will give us at E3 this year, especially how they can fit Kinect in hardcore gamers environment. 

3. Sony's Conference
2011 is probably not the best year from Sony. The online hacking, low average score for exclusives, and lack of move supported game from third party are the song of the year for Sony users. They have tons of homework to be done at this E3, and they probably will impress their users. Rumored to be a 2 hour show, Sony has a dozens of things to feed my curiosity: NGP, Uncharted 3, Team ICO to name a few. 

4. Apple's next OS: Lion and iOS 5
Apple's move to have exactly the same date as E3 is confusing. But it surely shows something: they are going to have a huge conference that can challenge people's attention from E3. One of the most rumored topic is the preview of Lion and iOS 5. It's not like I'm a hardcore Apple user, but I'm curious if OSX is still suitable for my C++ game development environment. 

5. New Hardware from Apple
Well, probably this one made it to the list because I'm currently looking for a new laptop *winkwink*

There you go geeks, happy gadget-day 2011!

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