Thursday, December 15, 2011

MYOGE 5: Equipments and SDL

I'm back with another update with my OS X mini game: Triangle Wars. I've been busy recently so the updates will be minor.

I added 3 equipments (or secondary weapon) that the player can use: Mini Turret, Attractor, and Decoy. Mini turret shoots enemy, Attractor pulls nearby enemies and bullets, and Decoy acts as a target when an Enemy is looking for a target. 

I also converted the program from GLUT to SDL. Thanks to Me and Mark for the XCode template. However I have problem with performance when I use SDL compared to GLUT. The frame per second is still smooth, but the input (mouse and keyboard) is less responsive. I will look through this problem . 

And another minor update is the particles. Just a minor particle-bounce update, You'll notice on the video.

My next update would be adding the sound, and make some pixels. Anyway, any artist would like to join? ;)

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