Sunday, February 12, 2012

Triangle Wars: Graphic and Camera

I'm back! After a few weeks of 'hibernating', I finally can start working on my game again.

This update focus on graphics and camera. I use bloom effect on every object. I do this by creating a 1 byte alpha texture and tell the GLSL to treat this as an alpha value. I also add a few artworks so it's easier to figure out which is what. For the camera, I move it closer to the object so the bloom effect is noticeable. I also add a new movement positions for the camera.

I also put a few animations on the equipment: rotating target for Decoy and radius-decreasing circle for Attractor.  It's not a breath-taking art system but good enough for a programmer ;) I'm still working on the Turret.

The next step is to modify the gameplay (AI, horizontal path) and polish the effects (particles). I decided to delay my work on sounds.

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