Monday, March 5, 2012

Triangle Wars: Font, GUI, and Lights

Greetings Human!

I spent the last week to create a 'decent' GUI. I already created a set of font, exported as TGA and add a few eye candy effect. I added the gloom effect and use a shuffling animation (inspired by Modern Warfare multiplayer intro at the beginning of the game). It uses automatic random generator so it's easy to add new text and automatically have it shuffled.

I also add light/gloom effect surrounding the enemy so the player can easily notice the enemy.

I also define 2 missions on the level: time based Survival and Elimination. On survival mode, the player has to survive at a certain time with one life. On elimination, the player has to destroy a predefined amount of enemy.

Next, I will focus on defining more types of level and fixing the GUI.

Here is the video for the latest update. The resolution is not in HD since I'm trying to see how the game would be on iPad. The GUI (especially the 'start' and 'option') is not final. I use the box to detect the hit, but it won't be there later on.

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