Thursday, March 22, 2012

Triangle Wars: Graphics and Gimmicks

Another 'major' update on the Triangle Wars. I'm not sure whether I'm bored with the black background, but I'm very pleased with the new grayish background. I also add dust path to make the game more 'glowing'. Another major redesign is the bullet is not a circle instead of an oval. It looks cuter (imo) :) I also add a health bar surrounding the player object instead of putting it on top of the screen.

Recently I struggled with sound, but no luck. I've tried SDL_mixer (which features is extremely limited) and OpenAL (which is not well-supported in OSX environment). Currently I'm trying to find another sound engine (gonna try FMOD).

I'm still looking an artist and sound engineer. Contact me if you're interested!

So here is the video of the last update. Watch it on directly on Vimeo for a higher resolution! It should be on HD (720p). I disabled the Player-Enemy collision since there's an error in circle-triangle collision. I'm currently working on it.

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