Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why Retina Display Macbook Pro is not for me!

Recently, Apple just announced a new Macbook Pro with retina display. With slimmer body and new power, the new Macbook Pro is definitely an eye candy. Many reviewers gave a top notch review on the beauty of this beast. But not me! It's still a very good machine, but probably not for me. And here is why!

Don't get me wrong, retina display is awesome. I tried my sister's new iPad and it did not blow me away. I barely notice the difference from my iPad 2. But the problem arise when I use my own iPad. Somehow the pixels become noticeable and it's less comfortable for me to use.

That's the problem that I want to avoid with my computer experience. Most of the time, I use a dual monitor setup with the laptop monitor as my secondary monitor (finders, IM, browsers) and a 24 inch Samsung is my first monitor (full screen XCode). The first monitor should be the most comfortable one since most of the time, I would be staring at it instead of the second one. Now what happened if I'm more comfortable to the retina display then my first monitor? That would be a problem.

Retina display, for better or worse, is definitely going to invade the industry. But the early and aggressive invasion from Apple does not impress me that much. Currently Apple is alone promoting this idea (CMIIW) and they even can't provide a proper reason to get one except for iOS development. As a non iOS Graphic Programmer, retina display is the first thing I development environment. That said, I still think that retina display would be the new standard, at least for the gadget industry.

PS: RIP 17 incher!

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