Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Game Review: Resistance 2

One of most important Sony's exclusive has just come up with a sequel. Its older brother, Resistance: Fall of Man, is one of Sony's launch title and I can say it did its job well. So does the next fight is better than the first one? Here is my review on Resistance 2.

Story: Good enough to entertain your brain. Its not that heavy: chimera goes to US, and its Nathan jobs and few kids from SRPA to stop them. Its not as Epic as the first one, but its enough.

Presentation: As a graphic programmer, I must say its damn good one. details are awesome, textures are great, and animation... well i think its one of the best. But one biggest flaw I notice is a few background seem to be noticeably wrong. But you wont notice that unless you spend a few seconds to learn why its a flaw.

Gameplay: FPS in Console is not my biggest interest but I notice that guys from Insomniac do a few tricks to helps the FPS gameplay like locking, auto-target, huge target and stuff. It sometimes make the game become more shoot-first-think-later. Its not that different from other FPS but I tend to notice that Resistance 2 gives big huge slow enemy so we wont spend much time playing at our cursor than shooting the enemy. Nice attempt and they should get a credit for this. But one big flaw is the AI seem to be predictable and focus fire on player instead of others. Its not wrong but sometimes it just feels lonely in the middle of a war. Somehow, Call of Duty 4 manage to handle this but not in this game.

What Went Right: Good graphic/animation, try to differ on FPS gameplay
What Went Wrong: lack of AI, noticeable flaw on texture, nothing really new/mediocre FPS gameplay
Overall: Its a must buy game for FPS fan. Its a good experience for PS3 owners, worth every buck you spend on it. Few lacks wont really matter if you're a FPS lovers.

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