Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Software Review: Spotify

Its time to stop piracy! ;)
For those of you music mania who likes to hear musics, here come the mighty spotify. Its a peer to peer streaming music player. The free version is available for Windows and OS X. So does it rock? here is the review:

Library: There are a few albums missing. If you're a fans of Metallica, you may skip this one. They only have 1 Metallica's album. But overall, I rarely find a music that is not in their library. Its the most complete library I've ever seen. 

Quality: The quality is top notch. Until now, I've never found a music with bad quality sound. Even the live version is good enough to hear.

Feature: My only complaint is there is no equalizer in this software. Every music you'll hear is in flat equalizer. You also cant boost the volume (which sometimes can be pretty annoying).

What Went Right: Extensive library, simple user interface, easy searching with suggestion
What Went Wrong: Desktop Application(must be installed in PC, not that convenient compared to Web based), sometimes missing playlist require re-login, lack of feature, commercial can sometimes annoying.  
Overall: for a simple but rich music library (and free) this is the best I can find. Peer to peer concept make it lighter than the web based. Its a must have software for music lover. 

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