Friday, May 1, 2009

Review: Killzone 2 Single Player

Debut in 2005, this hyped PS3 game finally launched 4 years after its first trailer. Sony's promise to bring the most awesome graphic in gaming industry is finally proven. But does this beautiful game has enough quality to become the best game. Here is the Single Player review of Killzone 2.

Story: The story is light yet interesting. Well maybe its a little bit too manly and the dialogue sometimes trying to be funny, but the average story is great. The ISA try to invade Helghan, which is occupied by Helgast(or Higs, as they called). Apparently the supposed to be easy invasion turn out to be a great disaster. You play as Sev and will be accompanied within your mission.

Presentation: Its beautiful. I may claim this game as the best graphic I've ever played. The details of texture is awesome, the effects such as fog and particles are top notch. And the lighting... wow! Just beautiful! I also gives two thumbs up on the war scenery that they put us into. The feels of you're in the middle of war is great.

Even shadows are mapped from a single light source such as gunfire

Gameplay: This is my biggest complain of all. This game has a huge problem in gameplay division. Maybe its just me, but most time during mission, I feel lost and disoriented. The mission is full of trial and error, and the most problem is, once you figure out the way/spot, its way too easy. The boss is too hard as hell but once you know the right spot to stand, its too easy. It can't even touch you. It happened a lot. And also the choice to just bring 2 weapon(and one of them is a permanent and weak pistol, is not a good idea). If I really have to use a pistol, at least give me a proper one. Ok ammo is not that big problem but thats only occur to a generic Higs and ISA gun.

What Went Right: not-so-cheap story, beautiful graphic, great effect, excellent feel of war
What Went Wrong: gameplay, gameplay, cheesy dialogue, gameplay
Overall: If you are looking for a proper FPS, well okay give it a try but I must warn you about the gameplay. Don't expect the top notch FPS gameplay. If you don't want to miss a milestone of game graphic, this is a must.

Please note I haven't review the multiplayer since I haven't played it a lot. So stay tune for other review :)

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