Sunday, May 3, 2009

Review: Killzone 2 Multiplayer

I reviewed the single player in my last post, and now its time for the multiplayer. Please note there are few things that I might correct from my review. In one word, the multiplayer is AWESOME! The badges feature, rank, class, they all work properly. Currently I'm a First Class Sergeant. So still long way to go but I cant hold to tell you the excitement I got from playing the multiplayer. So here it is.

Gameplay: If you notice in my previous review, I mark gameplay as the worst problem in Killzone 2. Well apparently its not in multiplayer. It works perfectly. I honestly dont know why but my first suspect is because in single player, the cover system does not work properly and I force to use it. In multiplayer, there is no cover system. So you tend to play it as a usual FPS. But the most different I notice from Killzone 2 is it is definitely not a running gun. Its a matter of strategy, position, and timing that can make you a good player. Unlike most FPS (like CoD 4), you are not expected to meet your enemy face to face, spray lots of bullets while jumping and dodging. It wont work because the gun shakes a lot that make you miss more than hit. Position is crucial. You really have to spot a good place to hide and shoot your enemies. Once you meet them face to face, bigger gun mostly win.

There are 7 classes in Killzone 2 multiplayer(or Warzone as they call it). I wont name them all but I must say the system works. Every class has a very special skill that is important to the battle. Its not a gimmick. It changes the battle a lot. I've tried Infantry and Medic, and both of them holds a very specific task in the battle. I also notice the other class such as Saboteur, Tactician, and Engineer went in action, and it really changes the feel of the battle a lot.

And the best feature of all is the mission in multiplayer. Killzone 2 come up with a new concept called dynamic mission. I don't know if they were the first one but at least that what I know. You'll never get bored try to do one mission in 15-20 minutes, or just try to kill as much as you can. You always have to do a mission such as protecting your teammate, killing a target, bombing a place, etc.

Graphic: there is not much change from the single player, but while playing the multiplayer, I notice how great is the animation. The mechanic of body when get hit, when it rolls down the stair, they are all incredible. I must say this is the best graphic in multiplayer.

What Went Right: no cover system, incredible animation, rank and badge systems, dynamic mission.
What Went Wrong: Map design has a view flaw such as spots where you are untouchable but can shoot your enemy.
Overall: This is the best multiplayer I've ever played. Compared to so-called top notch multiplayer such as CoD 4 or Halo 3, I can say this game kill them all. If you are looking for a real multiplayer game, this game worth every penny you'll spend.

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