Friday, June 5, 2009

Project Natal: a necessary leap of faith?

Okay before you read this post, please note that I own a PS3 and I like it a lot. I'm not sure I am a so-called sony fanboys but its not me to judge. I'll try to post as neutral as I can so please keep your comment clean.

E3 has passed and I admit ms capture the spotlight (again). Sony only viewed trailers over trailers like they did the last two year. Okay Uncharted 2 is impressive, God of War 3 is WOW, but nothing really groundbreaking like Project Natal by Microsoft.

But honestly, you can count me as the frontier of skeptical about this project. Its not the first attempt of gaming industry to do motion sensing using a camera. Sony did with eyetoy. It might not be as powerfull as Natal, but for first attempt, I cant complain. However, this project sunk into the deepest water of atlantic ocean. The hype did not even live for long. Not much people using it. But they seem to try again with eyepet but we haven't see realtime test so I won't comment on that.

Now ms came up with project natal which they say will be the future of controller. As a hardcore gamer, I really don't think it gonna survive. Okay its cool, but the problem in such controller are feedback and accuracy. When you use a traditional controller, you know you did something by the feel of pressing a button. In camera based motion sensing, you lost that kind of feature. In the end, you can only 'guess' whether you did it or not. For some kind of game, this kind of feeling is important. Okay there might be some other kind of game that can use this feature, but for a widespread market share, I dont think this will be the controller of the future.

There are reasons why wii cant reach the hardcore market share (don't say they did not try). But motion sensing, even with semi traditional like wii did, is not that success on hardcore market share.

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