Monday, June 8, 2009

WWDC wrapped up!

i know... i know... you can find this article almost everywhere but what kind of fanboy am i if i don't do this ;) so wwdc keynotes last nite in one word: awesome. yeah its a little bit yawning since im no iphoned yet :D but here you go:
1. new macbook pro family: they call macbook a macbook pro now. geee thanks apple -_- but what surprise me from this line is the 15" without vga MBP with a considerable price tag: ~1600 usd. The only family left on macbook is the white one with 999 usd.
2. new macbook air price tag: US$ 1400 for the sata hd and US$1700 for solid state. quite interesting price. consider macbook? go air! ;)
3. OS X Snow Leopard: like i said: snow will come early, and it come with only US$29. Yes, its twenty nine. nothing new in GUI (i think so) but performance said to boosted up to twice. and of course the long awaited OpenCL debut. hope it works :)
4. and the rest is about iphone. for iphone geek it must be really interesting. the launch new one: iPhone 3G S, and the S for Speed. I think they try to counter sony's psp and ds. they showed lots of application and most of them are mindblowing (like check where my iphone stuff).

here you go. wwdc wrapped up. good job apple :)
one happy fanboy down here ;)

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