Thursday, September 24, 2009

Maya 2009 on Mac OSX Snow Leopard

In a sentence: its a total mess

The GUI is the main problem. I dont know if its my VGA card but it seems like the whole maya osx users are singing the same song. As the leader of 3D tools, Autodesk should've notice this problem. Even a new users like me, are extremely annoyed by this feature. The scaling manipulator mostly gone off the screen, making scaling object is hard as hell. Right window is unresizeable, dont know why, but its just stupid.

Now I saw my very first tutorial, and I am going to smooth my object. And I spend like 2 days figuring out what went wrong to my model and at last I figure out its a bug. Its a smooth function, people going to use it a lot. How come they have bugs on this feature?

This is what happened when a company holding three same product handling the same function, with the same price tag, and the same feature, chasing the same customer.

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