Monday, November 16, 2009

Artificial Intelligence: SWAMP

Once upon a time, when my mind is full of imagination, and Lord of the Ring is still kick ass, when Total War series are permanently installed at my PC, I make a program called Simulated Warfare Application for Military Purpose or SWAMP. Please... don't comment on the name :P

Its my last project done by my group for an artificial intelligence course at 2004. The basic idea is to create a turn based strategy. I am so proud in this project since I think the idea is quite original, either because I did not play much back then or its just that original ;) After a few moment, Rome:Total War was launched and it has the same basic idea that I implement in this game. I am so happy since its like the best game implementing 'my idea'

Here are the screenshot:

you can find the video here.

I used minimax for the AI, in short human explanation, the computer considers human players at his/her best and find the best solution for that. The program was built using Java with the help of Netbeans. The graphic is not that fancy since I dont have much time. You can see more explanation about the gameplay from the video or the info of the video.

Special credits to my teammate.

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