Monday, November 16, 2009

About Me!

my name is Jos Timanta Tarigan. I'm currently living at Jakarta, Indonesia. I just finished my Master Degree Course at Linkoping University, Sweden. i took Advance Computer Graphic Course for my master, and Computer Science for my bachelor at University of Indonesia. you can see my complete profile at linkedin or browse through this blog or if you're lucky, you can even become my friend at facebook. you can send me an email to my yahoo mail id or my gmail id, but i prefer the first one. are you a playstation 3 gamers? add my psn id: svnstrk. nice to know you ;)

You can download my resume here (linked to google docs viewer, download and open with your PDF viewer for a better view).

List of my portfolio:

Shadow Mapping Experiment | Link | Video
MultiLight Experiment | Link | Video 1 | Video 2
Game Development Concept | Link | Video
Global Illumination Raytracing | Link
Wave by CG | Link
Artificial Intelligence Project | Link
Real Time Rendering Project | Link | Video
GameMaker Project | Link
Modeling and Animation | Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3
SFX Tips and Tricks | Link | Video 1 | Video 2
Thesis | Link

More coming up soon :)


Adji Cynthia said...

resume lo gak bisa ke donlot jos :P

svnstrk said...

gue bisa kok djie, fine2 aja.
apa dia ada filter otomatis ya
if (!hrd) denyRequest(); :))