Monday, November 16, 2009

Game Maker: Platformer and Vertical Scrolling Shooter

This is my project during the Game Programming and Design. Not much programming in it since we mostly used an editor Gamemaker which can be downloaded here. Unfortunately, the whole course ran on Windows so its kinda hard for me to capture the videos of the game. The exe file is available, contact me if you are interested. Here are a few pictures taken from the games.

The first one is Runawezome! Its the last project of the course. Its not that fancy especially in the artistic division. I'm not an artist anyway ;)

Its basically a fast paced platformer, inspired by Mirror's Edge. The character moves constantly and it have to jump through obstacles such as holes. There are slow motion effect added to help the user.

I like the idea, and going to implement it further but maybe from scratch using OpenGL. This version, due to time constraint, still contains bugs here and there but playable of course :)

The second one is more like a vertical scrolling shooter, but I mostly put the heavy part on surviving through the game. The player forced to dodge through asteroids and by time the quantity of asteroids is increasing. What I want to do in this project is to have an experiment on randomness. The asteroids position and angle generated randomly. The good part is this will give a different experience to users. The bad part it high score is not fair to some users that have a 'bad' random value.

Although this was an interesting course, the time given was too short and the pressure from other course were too tight. I'm going to have these game advanced during Christmas (crossfinger ;) )

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