Sunday, November 15, 2009

OS X Snow Leopard GLUT problem

So recently I installed OS X Snow Leopard on my Macbook Pro after knowing the 10.6.2 solves the problem in Autodesk Maya. However, I forget to install XCode so I used XCode 3.1.2 and hell what did I find. All my GLUT based program is a total mess. First of all, it does not compile. So I downloaded version 3.2 and it compiled. But then, the next problem is the screen did not refreshed. Means that I have to switch windows to 'force' GLUT to redraw. I am not really sure what happened, but when I updated my mac, the problems suddenly vanished (forever I hope).

I know that Apple has been very mean to non-updated software/hardware but this is very crucial. GLUT is really important in graphic based programming, how come they missed this. OS X Snow Leopard is a great price/performance update but bugs just popping in. Luckily Apple are good at updating software but I really hope I don't have to spend more times on figuring out wether this is a bug or just an error code.

Lesson learned: update OS X, update XCode, and you'll be find until further notice ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I have the exact same problem. I already re-installed xcode but it didn't help. Do you perchance have any other advice or a short code snippet that I could test with?

Ralph said...

Solution (well, workaround) is here: