Monday, November 16, 2009

Real Time Rendering: Multithreaded Programming

As the last project for my Real Time rendering course, I make a program which contain many aspects of graphic programming such as shaders programming (per vertex using GLSL), collision detection (uniform grid detection) and simple particles.

You can see the video here, bad quality in sound division, but thats what I could come up :)
Its full of experiment, I love the spring effect in the third person camera, and I spend lots of time to have such side view camera (notice the effect when the object is reaching the most left or most right). It was fun, its the best course I had and going to do lots and lots of experiment in this area (hopefully implementing it in game).

As you might notice from the video, the frame rate does not drop even after lots and lots of particles. There are lots of trick I did to keep the frame rate high and I must say its full of grin when seeing the tricks is working properly ;)

This project built from scratch using OpenGL, Glut Library, under OS X using XCode IDE.

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