Thursday, November 19, 2009

Left for Dead 2 for VGA GOTY?

Recently, Video Game Awards (VGA) 2009 just announced nominee for Game of the Year(GOTY). The list however is quite surprising for most user especially for one game that manage to climb up to GOTY list: Left for Dead 2. really?

Left 4 Dead is awesome game with awesome idea. I haven't played it that much but I know its a great game from the very beginning. Not much shooter come up with the idea to just play and shoot. And its basically surviving games instead of adventure stuff.

But then, a year later... yes... a year... they came up with L4D2 as a full priced game. I'm like WTF. I haven't played it yet but from the trailers and gameplay I've seen, its basically almost the same experience with a different story. (almost) No graphic upgrade, (almost) no new feature, (almost) no new gameplay experience, and basically the same story: 4 person, surviving zombies running to them. This is the lowest low in gaming industry. Left 4 Dead is fun, but USD 60 for such content... its a rip off. No good quality games get a sequel in (barely) a year.

And then this came up to the GOTY list? You gotta be kidding me. It looks like they really have to put an Exclusives in the list, are they? Well... put Forza 3, or maybe Halo 3:ODST if you really need a shooter game. But L4D2? Really? Do you even think its better than Killzone 2, Dragon Age:Origin, Street Fighter 4, FIFA 10, Empire: Total War? If you are a media that big, you cant go based on opinion. You have to understand what is the criteria of the game: its the innovation, technology, quality. Its not the game that you play the most anymore.

What a stupid money driven media...

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