Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Review: Uncharted 2:Among Thieves

Is it good? its the best. Do I like it? yes. A lot? hmmm ;)
At last my review on the most anticipated PS3 exclusive this year: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. I've been playing this game *at last* for a month, thanks to busy schedule at study :-s

Story: If you like Indiana Jones kind of style character, then you will love Nathan Drake. Few *lousy* jokes during combats keep my grin up high all the time. The story itself is lovely. This hunters hunting for artifacts, hunted by other hunters. Kinda easy to process, but in time, each of the character make their own persona that keep it interesting. I finished this game in 10-15 hours, 10-15 happy hours. Its worth every penny I use to bought this game.

Gameplay: Technically, its just flawless. I've never had a game where developers put that much attention to the gameplay. Some say its just another Gears of War's hide and shoot type of game. I say they are dead wrong. They polish the control that hard so the shooter experience is at its best. And then come the platforming/puzzle gameplay. Again, technically its flawless. I cant believe how they put so much question to solve the puzzle but yet the user does not pissed off. The camera in each section is measured good enough so you wont have a blind view of what you should do next. For example when there is a popping platform nearby, they rotate the camera so I can easily notice the platforms. Never before I had this kind of experience in gaming where developers put so much details just to make sure I am comfort playing it.
But then, its technically good. I myself is not a platformer kind of guy.

Graphic: This is, by far, the best graphic in game. I am a graphic programmer so I know much how to judge game graphics. Its not JUST the state of the art, but the technology built to support the graphic are just awesome. They put lots and lots and lots of details like snowy shoes while in snowy mountains, water effect, smoke effect, all are just great. My only complain is the explosion effect is not that awesome, while a second thought, think that its a joke. But overall, this game is the top notch graphic maestro both in art and technology.

should I jump-and-stealth attack or should I shoot him with my owerpowered M-16
This is by far the best game I got. I've played the single player, and haven't gone that deep into multiplayer, but for sure, this game is worth to buy. If you have a PS3, this one is a must. If you don't have a PS3, this is one of the major reason why you should. Sell your kidney if you have too.

What Went Right: Solid gameplay, Beautiful graphic, Character are promising
What Went Wrong: I'm not a platformer so no judge on the platformer section, but sometimes it gets too demanding, more shooting section would be great.

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