Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Review: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The second installment of the Bad Company sub-franchise. I dont pay much attention to the first Bad Company, because honestly its not that great. But the second is pretty much awesome. But how awesome it is? Here is my review for Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Story: I must say that the story is not the strongest part of this game. Its US vs Russia B-Movie plot, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but also not a good thing. A team of 4, each person has an unique characteristic (the joker, the serious guy, the itchy finger-kill everyone, and the cool calm guy) are going through random places to track a weapon controlled by a mad Russian man. Its easy to process, nothing to complicated, no question still remain at the end (not like MW2). Sometimes the dialogue can be too cheesy, the joke is dry, and the emotion is not as deep as the other shooter, but most of the time, you can enjoy their conversation. I really wish they killed one of the 4 in the middle of the story, it would change the weight a lot.

Gameplay: The single player is awesome. There are variety of stages where you can drive a Tank, become an artillery guy, a chopper gunner, etc. It has the most variety than any other shooter I've played. The multiplayer is great. I enjoy the multiplayer a lot. With the ability to drive tanks and choppers, im sure this is the best multiplayer gameplay. My 2 complaint about the multiplayer is the lack of mode, and the lack of level upgrade. There are only 4 mode available in the multiplayer: Rush, Conquest, Squad Rush, and Deadmatch. While the last 3 is pretty generic, Rush is just great. It brilliant. But yet 4 mode will make the gameplay last short. And also the level upgrade is not that hard. I already unlock all the weapon/perks/upgrade for only 2 months. And after that, theres not much to go after.

Graphic: The graphic is not that awesome. But I understand this since they focus on the destrutible environment in a massive map instead of the little details smaller one. The texture streaming is very noticeable, pop-ups everywhere, but I must say the work pretty hard on the art division to hide the lack of polygons. And it works. I admire their Smoke Engine and Physic Engine. Its hard to believe that every bullet has it own gravity.

Besides of all mentioned above, BFBC2 still suffers a few minor but noticeable bugs. Hard to mention the lists, but you'll notice it when you play the game.

The last time I review was MW2, and I put the crown to it as the best FPS. Now both has to share the crown. I really cant pick which one is the best. Both has different characteristic of gameplay. Both has pros and cons. And both are great games.

What Went Right: Gameplay, gameplay, gameplay, Awesome Engine, great texture art, did I mention gameplay?
Want Went Wrong: Multiplayer is short lived, Story sometimes can be too cheesy

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