Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Installing Mountain Lion: Is Apple trolling me?

After two failed 3GB download, I noticed that Mountain Lion Download Progress can't be Paused/Resumed. Well... kinda! Here's the trick: You can Pause/Resume the download, disconnect your Mac from the internet, and even put your Mac to sleep mode, but do NOT ever shut it down! Apparently, the downloaded file removed when you shut down the Mighty Mac.

I admit I don't have a fast internet connection (20-30 KBps) and downloading Mountain Lion might took a day or two (literally)! I wonder what the reason is. I browse around there are words about security problem, but I can't imagine what would it be. If I can pause and disconnect from the internet, what would be the problem shutting it down? Does it erase the content when I shut down my Mac? (which is stupid if you ask me!)

Anyway, reviews coming up in the next two or three days!

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