Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Expensive Cost of Updating Xcode

Recently I tried to update my Xcode, a 1.6 GB program with a 1.6 GB Update. Yes, you read it right. So apparently Apple have no idea how to give user a proper patch. And to make it worse, I have to re-download the whole plugins (iOS Simulator, Compiler) that I've already downloaded. Yes I live in a town where Internet is a luxury thing, but it doesn't give them an excuse to implement a stupid patch, right?

What makes me more confuse is how small companies able to put smaller patch to their program, and Apple don't. Is Apple trying to force its user to have a fast internet connection? Or they are just being lazy to put a proper patch and decided to force us to re-install the whole program? Or probably Xcode is too complicated to be patch? I have no idea.

What I know is it is extremely annoying that I have to do the whole thing for a minor update that I won't even notice.

Good Job, Apple!

PS: And oh, you cant use Xcode while downloading the 'update'! Computer Science at its best!

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