Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Game Review: Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD

For the past 2 months, I've spent my spare time playing Kingdom Rush Frontiers on my iPad. As a huge fans of the first series, this is a breath of fresh air. Here is my review on the second one.


It is a tower defence. So the control is quite minimal. However, this game also allow you to call reinforcement (which summons two soldiers), meteor shower, and hero. Surprisingly, these three are not just a gimmick. They play a significant role on the game. So you'll spend a lot of time controlling them when you're done with your tower. There are 3 heroes available in the game, but you can purchase the other 7 heroes. Each heroes has different capability so it's different how to treat each one.

The enemies have a lot more capabilities compared to the first one. It will give you a challenge on how to encounter each enemy. But, it might be just me, once you figured out how to encounter an enemy (or even a map) it can be too easy. It's like solving a puzzle: once you know what to put where, the level becomes too easy that I actually fell asleep during a level yet the game finish itself with a perfect score (based on true story).

To conclude, Kingdom Rush's main advantage is the gameplay. It has a lot of ideas for tower defence that you probably couldn't find in others.


There's not much to say about the graphic. There is nothing exceptional on the graphic. But the art division tells another story. Based on my personal judgement, Frontiers has a more beautiful scenery and more colourful. Probably because it provides various terrain from dessert to jungle. The animation is also entertaining art-wise. The game really shows off in art-wise.

But what amazes me so much is the capability to show tons of animation without even having a FPS drop. My favourite tower is the one that summon skeletons from dead enemies. So I'll end up building 4-5 of those in one level and let it summon up to 50 skeletons. Yet I did not notice any performance issue. And I'm using a year old iPad 2.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a great game. It can be repetitive and predictable especially if you've played the first one, but it's a worth-buying game if you're into tower defence.

What Went Right: Almost Everything
What Went Wrong: Paid Content, Can Be Repetitive

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