Friday, June 27, 2014

Movie Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction

Ey ehloo! I'm back! Let's see if my english are geting beter or bader

It's the fourth iteration of the Transformers on the big screen. It's definitely bigger, but does it better? Here is my review on it

The story goes with Transformers is the hunted one, and apparently, a typical American family (with American flags hang all over his barn) found Optimus Prime. Long story short, the "corrupted" official found it, hunted it, and later, they brought the chaos to Hong Kong.

Well I guess I did not expect a lot from Michael Bay story-wise, but this one in plainly terrible. Michael's movies have been famous for having a shallow plot, and Transformers: AOE brings it to the next level. Not only it's shallow and predictable, but also confusing. Not "you're not smart enough" confusing, but more like "what-that's-just-dumb" confusing. And to make it worse, the movie is 2 hours 30 minutes long! Yep! Two and a half hour. In the end of the movie, I actually felt really tired; physically and mentally. Thank God I brought cool companions during the movie.

Well, it's Michael Bay's movie. The best part of the movie is to enjoy the view. I admit there are lots of fine scenery, you know the one that you look at the post card, yet sometimes the necessity of using those scenes are questionable. And it's way too much.

The effect however is second to none. The robots are definitely more awesome than the first three, but the Dinosaurs are, well, ridiculously weird. Optimus design is awesome, but what I love the most is the bad guys. And as you might expect from a Bay's movie, most of the movie is explosions, robots, and particles. But sometimes the explosions were just way to much.

Apparently, Michaels lack of character development is still exist in this movie. The line is laughable and the cast are just confusing. The main character, Yager, is similarly jumpy as Witwicky, but the problem is it played by Mark Walbergh. To my surprise, the best performance during the movie was T.J.Miller. The rest of the cast are just reading the script, in my opinion. This movie is a solid proof that we still need a good writer, not just a good director.

It's the kind of movie that you'll love to watch if you prefer to shut down your brain during a movie. It's a no-thinker, everything is plainly explained at the movie. Sometimes the plot twist did not twist that much, and most of the times, it's expectable. I would not suggest this movie, though, for a heavy thinker. You'll hate it right after the first 30 minutes. And the extra 30 minutes from the average cinema movie length does not help at all. It's safe to say that this is the worst Transformers, if not Michael Bay's, movies of all time.

What Went Right: Special Effects, Designs
What Went Wrong: Everything else
Verdict: Yes, if you're really bored

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